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Has anyone else noticed that it looks like Beckett tries to move away but Castle pulls her back as he knows that she is not yet finished crying. Also, he is trying to make sure she doesn’t divert back to her old self when she runs away and doesn’t allow anyone to see her pain.
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I noticed! it’s kinda sweet!


Has anyone else noticed that it looks like Beckett tries to move away but Castle pulls her back as he knows that she is not yet finished crying. Also, he is trying to make sure she doesn’t divert back to her old self when she runs away and doesn’t allow anyone to see her pain.

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I noticed! it’s kinda sweet!

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true! let’s just pretend the finale didn’t exist! #himym #finale #suck #pardon #sorrynotsorry



Let’s talk for a second about this magnificent couple because, for the love of god, the way how Carter Bays and Craig Thomas treated Swarkles and their shippers is insulting. I mean… they basically fooled the world making us believe they were endgame. And now we have to…

this is valid!!! C&C should aware about this and should not deny their own words!!!! #himym #barney#robin #truelove #soulmate #season1-9 #reblog

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Some post-finale fanfic


As you all know, I was beyond unhappy with the ending, and so it felt necessary to write a oneshot of what I think could’ve happened after that horrid ending. It personally made it a lot easier to deal with, and I really hope it provides others comfort as it did for me.

This was written quite hastily, which I apologize for. I just wanted to get it up here. Please let me know what you think!


Robin smiled down at the man with the blue French horn. She remembered how he had always loved her, in what, at that point in time, felt like the best possible way. He idealized her. And he didn’t need her to have kids to be happy because he already had two of them. She, or at least the Robin in his head that he had fallen in love with all those years ago, was exactly what he wanted. She needed that. After the time she had spent apart from those who were once her best friends she needed to feel idealized and loved and anything but alone. In that moment, Ted Mosby was exactly who she needed, and like he always had been, he was the perfectly rational choice.

He rushed up to her apartment, kissing her immediately, mirroring their actions from when they had first gotten together with almost too much accuracy. It was Robin who pulled away, even after the years she had spent without any intimacy, the kiss didn’t feel right.  

“Ted, we can’t do this.” Tears began to form in her eyes, “I don’t love you anymore, and you don’t love me anymore. We can’t just pretend. We’re not the same people we used to be. And, for a second I think we both thought we could go back in time and be those people because it’d be so much simpler that way, but we have to face the truth. You can’t delete these past years and you can’t delete her death from your memory.”

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okay this is how the show should ended! #reblog #fanfics





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What the final line of the HIMYM finale should’ve been 


Same. My substitute Latin teacher thinks I’m insane.

yeah this should be the ending, it could be more awesome if it ended this way!

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Challenge completed.

oh gosh dammit how could there is such a perfect man like this??? asdjkl #barneystinson #himym #nph #reblog

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Nine seasons…

ahhh super sad please don’t :( #himym #last #reblog

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Do you want to walk around some more? It’s still early.


quote of the day!!

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Say Something (Darren Criss Version) - La Awards Dinner

he’s just so freaking awesome even he didn’t know the lyrics he can make up some random words for that long! hope there will be another chance to see him in person! #darren criss #awesome singer #reblog

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HIMYM: Inspirational quotes. (09.17)

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Honey, when that Bryan Adams song came on the radio, did two mosquitoes really fly into your eyes at the same time? (x)

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Life Changing Journey

Exactly at this time last year I was on a plane getting ready to depart to a new country that I never knew before.

Scared. excited. anxious. sad. happy all of those kind of feelings were mixed up at first

I won’t denied that at first I stepped my foot there I was feeling lost and as day went by the feeling of wanting to go home get even stronger but I braced myself and tried as best as I could to go through with it and yet finally after suffering for almost 2 months something changed

I FALL IN LOVE with the whole country


The whole story began when I finished my university life for the first month then I went to another city to do my internship

The biggest. the most beautiful (I’m not quite sure why since for me it’s just OK. the most expensive city in the country (I’m not proud it’s just pathetic)

I didn’t expect much at first since the whole HOMESICK stuffs still on my nerve yet it didn’t get any better for the next 1 month

The job was extremely TIRING

I’m not saying this because I’m being spoiled but the job itself was THOUGH

At the first month I was working for 12 to 13 hours ALMOST everyday with BREAKFAST SHIFT, my German is not quite good (I’m not used to hear German language spoken so fast), my colleagues and my boss sometimes scolded me if I did something wrong

The other problem was about my neighbor in my living place

They are sort of selfish because they used to talk loud and yet when it came to me I was not allowed to loud

The other issue was about my long showering period (blame me but it is who I am) which is kinda annoying for them (of course everyone will but try to be a little bit patient people)

OVERALL at first it was SUPER OVERWHELMING for me

I even though of given up and find another place to do my internship

LUCKILY things gotten better

I’ve gotten used to work that long, my boss and colleagues are getting nicer (even also sometimes I still get scolded)

My annoying neighbor in my living place was MOVED (hahaha I was relieved when it happened oops)

and MOST of all there are 2 MAIN REASON

the first reason is I TOTALLY in LOVE with the country cause I can travel a LOT

I’m not kidding when I said this while almost every of my days off I went to another city

Even it was kinda dangerous and YES I did experienced some BAD THINGS yet I still won’t stop me to do it

I just love to travel! I can’t help it! it was addicting!

The second is THE PEOPLE

The people there were nice (even also some of them a lil bit creepy)

Walking around there was safer rather than walking in my home country

Sometimes I got an offer for a ride when someone saw me walking

It’s kinda nice surrounded by people like that

AND the biggest people affected me this much to love about people here probably my colleagues

I finally got it that they were nice but really STRICT

They have almost ZERO tolerance to mistakes

It’s just who they are yet my colleagues were nice and even childish

They like to play around, joking around while working

It was nice surrounded by them really and I was really sad when I have to go back home

I was thinking about leaving my study and continue to work here but there’s nothing I can do I still have a responsibility

OK actually who made me to think such a crazy idea wasn’t only my colleagues

There is some guy who is my colleague who made me TOTALLY CRAZY

He was younger than me but he did protected and treated me like I’m his younger sister

I didn’t really care if people thought that what he did to me was a JERK

Because it really just shown me HOW GREAT he is

Young. caring. nice. smart. funny. “stupid”. childish. attractive. party lovers. naughty. would be the best way to describe him

See I didn’t only mention his positive side yet I also mention his flaws

I have no idea that actually he represent what I actually really looking for in a man

He made me realized what do I like and what I’m actually looking for

YES because of him I almost not going home, I almost quit my study just to be with him

My point of view was surely changed much because of him

I’m not quite proud of the way he changed me cause for my friends the cause that he did on me was SUPER DAMAGING

I actually a lil bit understand about it but what if it is who am I?

Am I not supposed to be happy as who I am?

Maybe YES he is not a GOOD BOY, he is a bad naughty boy who loves to party  but who cares for me he is a BAD ASS!

That boy was really opened my eyes to see world in a different view yet even I realized it quite late I WAS HEAD OVER HEALS about him starting from the moment I met him (even it was started with a lil bit of hate at first ;p)

That whole reasons are my motivation to be back soon after I finish my study cause I won’t miss any shot to live that kind of life

So I’ll be back for sure not ONLY for him of course but for all the good things and people there.

I love you guys and miss you guys for sure just wait for me. Cao

It must be a soulmate thing!

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